Diana is the owner of Pure Spin and uses this platform to build a community of strong, kind, and compassionate people. Her Spin journey began with goals of being healthy and active to keep up with her toddler. She now hopes to help others with their wellness journey. She strives to make her classes feel welcoming, positive, and FUN! With Diana at the helm and a pop playlist to boot, the class will fly by with you feeling empowered at the end.

You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.- Dr. Brene Brown


Stevie is a well known dance, cheer, and tumbling instructor. Her love for indoor cycling began as she pursued a fitness regime aimed at improved metabolism, and stamina. Stevie enjoys the positive atmosphere, and consistently motivates students to perform at their best. She uses a rhythmic approach to cycling that focuses on moving to the beat in the music, more than focusing on a specific RPM. If you are looking to put in the miles during a full body workout, with motivational instruction, give her class a try. She enjoys challenging riders to reach their full potential. Stevie’s motto is “remember you can do this.”


Ginny is committed to fitness, and total body wellness. She enjoys multiple activities including yoga, running and spinning. Her love for Spin began while she was taking classes, as she was continually inspired to be an instructor. Her class pushes each student’s cardio limits, building endurance and confidence levels. During Ginny’s ride you can expect a fun, quirky, yet challenging experience. Ginny likes to add a creative touch to her workouts to keep them interactive, engaging and most importantly fun! Her motto is “when you spin wth Gin, you leave it all on the bike. Ride, Ride, Ride!”


Kristin’s personality while teaching spin is energetic and encouraging. She fell in love with spin while training for a half marathon. She felt totally out of her comfort zone when she first came which motivated her to continue coming to class to improve. Spin is a social event and she truly enjoys the interaction, especially in this age of technology. When class is over, she is always surprised at how quickly time passed because of how much “fun work” it is. Kristin’s fitness quote is “You cannot grow inside your comfort zone.”


Alia is the creator of Pure Spin Studio. Alia, a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast, began the sport of cycling while training for triathalons. Her passion for spin continued, as did her desire to bring high quality and state-of-the-art equipment to a Spin studio in the Upper Cumberlands. Pure Spin Studio is the result of Alia’s commitment and vision for Spin in Crossville, TN.

​Alia’s classes aim to challenge riders to hit target training zones based on their personal level of exertion. Cardiovascular, muscle strength, and endurance are all targeted during Alia’s class. Truly endorphin releasing and inspiring, riders leave the class feeling accomplished and motivated. Alia, and Pure Spin Studio have brought wellness, discipline, fun and a greater sense of community to the area.


Tessa is currently enrolled at Stone Memorial High School, and she is actively involved in basketball and volleyball. She began spin while looking for a good source of cardio to help with her conditioning. After taking a few classes, she fell in love with spin and wanted to share her passion with others. Despite her young age, Tessa’s favorite song is Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns and Roses, so she normally creates her playlists with “old school” songs that will have you singing along in the saddle. The workout itself will be challenging , but your best effort is all that is asked of you! Tessa’s favorite quote to live by is “Work hard to get what you like, otherwise you’ll be forced to like what you get.”


Megan is a Mom of two sweet boys and was looking for the best way to burn calories in a small amount of time. She fell in love with spin after just a few classes and never looked back. Becoming an instructor was always a dream of hers and now she is on that front bike motivating and empowering others. Megan’s class is a party on the bike! You will be too busy having fun to realize you are breathless. Megan’s playlist is filled with Hip hop, Alternative and Today’s Hits! Her favorite quote is “ You can find me somewhere in between inspiring others, working on myself, dodging negativity, and slaying my goals.”


Iva’s style of cycling offers the latest techniques to promote endurance and strength. Iva’s class is exciting, and includes a full body workout. While on the bike Iva utilizes higher resistance, building students lower extremity strength. Iva capitalizes on the major advantage of indoor cycling, allowing each student to control his/her intensity level while enjoying the excitement of a group ride. She believes that the challenge of indoor cycling is pushing people to test their physical and personal limits. If you enjoy early morning workouts, and being pushed to the limit, join Iva at 5:00AM. Iva’s motto is “if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you.”

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